At the start of the new week, things are looking quite good for Creditbit. Unlike most other currencies which are losing value, CRB is actually steaming ahead. The digital token is valued at US$0. 43 right now and gained a lot of value against Ethereum. The gains against Bitcoin are also quite significant. Things are looking good for Creditbit investors, that much is evident.

It has to be said, not much has happened for Creditbit as of late. There is a very large lull in between news updates, which has an impact on the token’s value. Then again, the value of CRB still remains incredibly stable, which is pretty uncommon during these times of massive volatility. Cryptocurrency is a very different creature when it comes to volatility, that much is evident every single day.

CRB Is Looking Strong Despite no Gains

Mature cryptocurrency investors prefer stable investments over incredibly volatile ones. Although stability leaves less room for profits in the short-term, it is the only viable solution when looking at the bigger picture. Whenever a currency or token is stable for longer periods of time, it means things will be taken to the next level in the very near future. Whether or not that will be the case for Creditbit, remains to be seen.

For the time being, CRB is holding its own at US$0.43. That is a pretty stable value for this token. In fact, that value has been maintained for nearly two weeks straight now. Things are looking quite good for Creditbit in this regard. The trading volume also remains somewhat stable. Over the past 24 hours, we saw US$213,080 worth of CRB change hands.  It is quite interesting how CRB gained 10.31% in value compared to Ethereum. That is a very bullish indicator, to say the least.

Speaking of the CRB trading volume, Bittrex is still a large disappointment. With only 2.32% of the trading volume, no one is looking to buy Creditbit on Bittrex. Livecoin and DABTC are still competing for the top volume, that much is evident. It will be interesting to see whether or not Creditbit can go up in value over the next few days. Until news breaks, that may be a lot harder than people think. An interesting future awaits CRB, that much is evident.


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