Amazon has quickly become a household name in most countries. The service is incredibly popular in Canada right now. However, one issue is how one needs a credit or debit card to use the service properly. That is coming to change, as Amazon Cash has arrived in the country as of today. Topping up your account balance can be done through cash or debit card payments at local post offices.

Topping up an Amazon account without a gift card is pretty much impossible. There is a good reason why the service doesn’t allow for PayPal integration or similar services. However, Amazon Cash is an interesting exception that can make things more convenient. For now, this tool is only available in select countries. Canada is one of these regions, starting today. They join the US and the UK in this regard.

Amazon Cash Benefits Financial Inclusion

It is a free service that allows customers to add funds to their balance. Physical money is the only option for the majority of unbanked Canadians. It makes sense to top up one’s account with cash. All it takes is visiting a local post office to get the job done.Users will need to request a barcode to print off or save as a text message. With this code, any of the 6,000 Canada Post offices can help users embrace Amazon Cash.

Amazon has noticed online shopping in Canada is popular, under certain conditions. Without a preferred payment method being available for most users, this can become a problem, It is a good intermediary way of bridging this gap. Amazon has only one actual payment, other than gift cards. With the Amazon Cash option, that is now expanded upon slightly. Since the account balance doesn’t expire, it is a great tool. How users will respond to this change, remains to be determined, though. It would be nice to see this top-up method become active in other countries as well.

For the average Canadian, this new method will open new opportunities. With so many Canada Post offices, it is almost a no-brainer. Financial inclusion is a big priority for Amazon right now. That may sound surprising, but it really shouldn’t be. This is an interesting way of attempting to achieve that particular goal. We can only hope this approach pays off in the long run.

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