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Around $2m Worth of Gold Passes Through Switzerland’s Sewage System Every Year

by on October 11, 2017

The world has seen many investment vehicles throughout the years. Gold will always remain very popular among investors in this regard. However, around 95 pounds worth of bullion flows through the Swiss sewage system every single year. That is pretty significant, to say the least. It is unclear why this is happening, though. New research confirms it has gone on for quite some time now.

It doesn’t make any sense to flush gold through the sewage system by any means. Especially not if the gold adds up to 95 pounds of bullion. This means Switzerland loses around $2m worth of gold every single year. This is pretty interesting, albeit worrisome at the same time. Finding a cause for this specific trend is not as easy as one would expect, though.

Swiss Sewage System is a Gold Mine

The research conducted by Eawag paints an interesting picture. In their opinion, the gold is a combination of lots of tiny flecks. Given the popular watchmaking industry and gold refineries in Switzerland, most of the “waste’ comes from these industries. Then again, everything adds up to rather spectacular amounts. This is not chump change by any stretch of the imagination.

As one would expect, some regions see larger quantities of gold being wasted. In regions with multiple gold refineries, the problem becomes more apparent. At this rate, people may effectively start sluicing gold in the Swiss sewage system. It is unlikely that will ever happen, though, but it becomes an option worth looking into. The researcher acknowledges this can easily become a worthwhile venture given enough time.

Surprisingly, there are other valuable items to be found in Swiss sewage waste. Silver is one of those substances, which is a bit surprising. Additionally, several Euro bills were discovered in Geneva earlier this year. It is evident the Swiss sewage system is a treasure trove in every possible meaning of the world. That doesn’t mean people will get rich from digging things up, though. Moreover, the government won’t allow anyone to make money from the sewage system in any significant capacity.

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