A revised version of the renowned Minereum token is set to offer self-mining smart contract 2.0.

Artemine, as the new project is titled, is a step forward from Minereum. Minereum earlier introduced an imaginative approach to mining digital currencies. It replaced traditional mining practices and attributed a fixed number of coins to Genesis Addresses. This amount was secured to the Ethereum’s blocks. This is where the mining used to happen.

Artemine takes a leap. It brings the four important updates to the table, which were missing in Minereum. They are:

1) Genesis Addresses with Different Supply

2) Possible to Transfer Genesis Addresses

3) Public Mining

4) Automatic Sale of Genesis Addresses


Genesis Addresses with Different Supply

In the Minereum version, a total of 32000 MNE tokens were used to be allocated to the Genesis Address holders. The limit was justified because the developers wanted to confirm a fixed MNE supply. In Artemine’s case, however, users can decide how much ART tokens they want to hold. This quantity solely depends on the amount users contribute.

Possible to Transfer Genesis Addresses Holdings

In Minereum’s case, Genesis Addresses holdings could not get transferred to another address. However, the Artemine holders will have this feature enabled for them. There will be only one requirement, though, that the target address must have 0 ART.

Public Mining

The new Artemine version will enable anyone to mine ART tokens. The only condition will be, that the miner must have a few amount of ETH for the transaction fees.

Automatic Sale of Genesis Addresses

Artemine will allow users to sell their Genesis Addresses using a proprietary smart contract function. The Genesis Addresses’ holders will be able to put a price tag on their addresses – in ETH. People interested in buying the address will send the exact ETH amount the address owner requested.

Some important things about Artemine ICO

  • Users will be able to contribute with ETH or NME.
  • All received MNE tokens will be burned.
  • Proceedings will be used to develop and launch a platform where Genesis Addresses would be traded.
  • An ICO factory will be introduced, which will allow users to create their own tokens and automatically launch their smart contracts.

The team will announce more details on their twitter accounts: @Minereumtoken, @Arteminetoken and bitcointalk ANN Thread.


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