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Here’s A Near Term Growth Catalyst For Social (SCL)

by Samuel Raeon February 5, 2018
At the end of January, Social (SCL) published the latest iteration of its development progress update via Medium. For anyone that missed it, the update is available here, and it’s well worth a look. For anyone that doesn’t want to click away, or that has already read the report, one element stood out as being […]
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Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. (BLKCF) Is One To Watch In The Blockchain Space

by Samuel Raeon January 31, 2018
Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. (BLKCF) just reported that it has entered into an agreement with a turnkey mining operator that will see the latter operate Global Blockchain’s cryptocurrency mining efforts. At the same time, the company reported that it’s going to spin out a mining operation as separate from Global Blockchain’s primary operations. Both of […]

Robinhood Now Offers Fee-Free Crypto Trading

by Samuel Raeon January 26, 2018
As the cryptocurrency space has matured, the technology that underpins the space and the infrastructure that’s in place to ensure that things run smoothly has improved. Back in the early days, bitcoin (and, eventually, Litecoin) was only available for purchase through exchanges like MTGOX and BTC-e (outside of mining, that is). Buyers had to go through […]
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Here’s Why We Can Roundly Ignore The Weiss Ratings

by Samuel Raeon January 25, 2018
During the middle of this week, a ratings agency reported that it had set its team of analysts a task: to rate the spectrum of cryptocurrencies in line one another and to apply its findings to a list that could be used as a reference for anyone looking to get an idea of where each […]

Stripe Ditches Bitcoin; An Opportunity For Stellar?

by Samuel Raeon January 24, 2018
the latest news out of the bitcoin space is that Stripe, the payments processing company, is dropping bitcoin from its list of options that it’s giving clients over the next few months. The move comes in the wake of increased fees and prolonged transaction times associated with bitcoin right now, which have come about on […]
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Cryptocurrency Space: Take A Step Back And Stop Panicking

by Samuel Raeon January 23, 2018
Over the last few weeks, markets have been trying to figure out exactly where the cryptocurrency space fits into global markets. Take a look at the wider market (mainstream) perception of the space and you’ll be forgiven for thinking that cryptocurrencies are experiencing a global crash, with the inevitable (again, a mainstream public perception as […]