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Azimo Brings its Cash Pick-up Service to the Philippines

by on August 25, 2017

The Philippines is an important remittance corridor these days. Money transfer services active in this country are known for their expensive fees, though. Azimo is one of the digital disrupters trying to impact the market right now. They have recently extended their cash pick-up service to this country. This allows users to pick up funds within minutes after the transfer has been initiated. A convenient service that can go a very long way, to say the least. It also brings some much-needed competition to this market.

Money transfer solutions are facing some tough decisions these days. More competitors are emerging, and they can seemingly all offer much lower fees as well. Established entities such as Western Union and MoneyGram will certainly feel the heat from these disrupters. Azimo is an emerging player in the market, thanks to their cash pick-up service. Expanding to the Philippines is a smart decision by the company, to say the least. The company supports sending money from 22 different countries across Europe.

Azimo Brings a Competitive Offering to the Philippines

Considering how their service is also available during the weekends, Azimo has a big advantage. It is a safe and convenient way to both send and receive money. Thanks to their partnership with BDO Unibank, anyone living in Europe will be able to send money to the Philippines. With a near-instant option at their disposal, things are looking quite good for Azimo right now. Partnering with the largest bank in the Philippines is a significant development.

Cash pick-up services have become a lot more popular in the country as of late. Azimo feels placing a stronger focus on this concept will elevate their business to the next level.The company also supports cash pickups through One Network. This adds even more convenience to this entire concept, which will be beneficial to their user base in the region. Additionally, there is built-in support for BDO Kabayan Savings. This latter method also provides free life and accident insurance, as well as loyalty points for all customers.

The main selling point of Azimo’s services is how they are a lot cheaper compared to competitors. Their innovative digital platform allows for safe and fast payouts to customers. There are no real overhead costs related to brick-and-mortar locations. After all, their partners handle the pickups in most cases. Most of these savings are passed on directly to customers, which creates a very competitive service. They also have the largest digital network in the money transfer industry to date.

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