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BCC Hits $126 as Trading Volume Peaks Over $10m

by on September 27, 2017

Another day of cryptocurrency trading is in the books and things still look good for BitConnect. The BCC value hovers around $126 for the time being, which is pretty solid. Earlier this week, that value was a lot lower. With the Bitcoin price recovering these past few hours, BitConnect reaps the benefit from this trend. Interestingly enough, BCC gains value against the US Dollar but loses ground compared to Bitcoin.

It is always interesting to see how particular cryptocurrencies behave. For BitConnect, the past week has been pretty interesting overall With the value dipping to $107 earlier this week, things weren’t looking all that great. Right now, that same BCC is worth $126, which is a lot better for holders of this particular currency. It is good to see some proper price movements in the world of cryptocurrency right now.

BCC Keeps Increasing its Trading Volume

Even BitConnect got stuck in sideways and bearish trading momentum over the past week. Not entirely surprising, as cryptocurrencies weren’t hot commodities by any means. Thankfully, the situation has turned around for BCC and all other cryptocurrencies. Some positive moment can do wonders, that much is rather evident. ┬áThe number one priority right now is ensuring this price can become a stable floor before looking at more gains.

This price appreciation is also aided by the BCC trading volume picking up as well. These past 24 hours saw over $10m in volume, which is rather impressive. Earlier this week, the volume was well below $8m. Although that is an impressive number on its own, going over 10 million is far more impressive. If BCC can maintain this volume, a lot of interesting things will happen moving forward.

No one will be surprised most of the volume originates from the BCC exchange. It represents over 94% of all trades, which is pretty impressive. Having so much volume on one platform can be considered a weakness, though. Livecoin is second on the list, but it represents less than 4% of trades. It will be interesting to see how the BCC price evolves in the coming weeks.

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