Things continue to improve for BitConnect these past few weeks. After a few initial dips below $100, every BCC is almost worth $300 right now. This spectacular growth has not gone by unnoticed by any means. Even some of the Ponzi Scheme allegations fail in derailing this upward momentum. It will be interesting to see where things head next, that much is certain.

Anyone who owns BCC – not Bitcoin Cash  – will be happy with how things are going. More specifically, the BitConnect price has risen to above $285 for the first time. Not too long ago, this value was below $100 after a big dip. Ever since those initial dips, the price has recovered pretty quickly. In fact, it continues to move up virtually every week now. At this rate, reaching $300 will only be a matter of time. No one knows when this will happen, though.

BCC Continues to Shock Cryptocurrency Users

Now is still a good time to invest in BCC if you haven’t already. While a value of $285 may seem steep, it isn’t necessarily a big deal yet. In fact, the value may continue to head upward for quite some time. There are only just over 2.13m, BCC in circulation right now. A price of $500 per BCC would not be out of the question by any means. Whether or not BitConnect can effectively reach that goal, is a different matter altogether.

As long as the trading volume remains in place, things continue to look good. Over the past 24 hours, we have seen $22.25m worth of BCC change hands across exchanges. That is a pretty spectacular amount, although it may only be a sign of what is yet to come for BitConnect. A trading volume of $50m or better should be the next logical step. Whether or not it is attainable, remains to be determined.

As is always the case, most of the volume comes from the BCC Exchange. Livecoin is still in second place, with nearly $1m in volume.That is pretty high for this exchange, to say the very least. In most cases, the company generated around $400k worth of volume. An interesting development that may not necessarily last all that long. Still, now is a good time to own BCC, that much is rather evident.


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