Things are looking good for all BitConnect holders. Although the BCC value has been rather volatile, the price is holding strong right now. With a value of $354.3 again, there is no reason to be concerned whatsoever. People who bought the dip to $300 are already making a decent profit as we speak. So far, this is one of the more resilient altcoins bucking the Bitcoin price trend.

It is always interesting to see how the BCC market is evolving. Although people know there is good money to be made, most will pass up the opportunity. Even this week, pee could have easily made $50 profit per coin. Those who own around 1,000 of these coins have made more than some people’s wages in a full year.Cryptocurrency has never been more exciting than it is right now, to say the very least. It will be interesting to see how things play out in the long run.

Another BCC Price All-time High

That being said, we did see BitConnect dip slightly this week. It is not the first time this happens, nor will it be the last. Although BCC always recovers pretty quickly, these dips will shake out weak hands regardless. It is quite interesting to see these dips being bought so quickly. It shows the demand for BCC is still there, even though it remains to be seen how high the value can go in the future. The current price is a new all-time high, which indicates there is more positive momentum left in the tank.

Additionally, we see plenty of trading volume or BitConnect. Just a few weeks ago, reaching $20m in daily volume was considered to be a rarity. Right now, we see nearly $28m in volume, which is nothing short of impressive. To many people, it seems as if BitConnect is only getting started. Good money can be made by buying and selling this coin for small or medium profits. A $50 gain represents a 15% increase in one’s portfolio value right now. There are less profitable coins to invest in.

With BCC Exchange still dominating the trading volume, things are looking rather impressive right now. Livecoin is also making a nice comeback, with almost $1m in volume. No other exchange is even of great importance right now, that much is rather evident. Whether or not we will see more BitConnect price gains in the coming days and weeks, remains to be determined.


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