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Big Data Startup Hello Soda Is Hiring New Talent

by on June 7, 2016

Companies active in the big data industry are getting a lot of attention lately. Hello Soda, one of the many players working in this space, is actively hiring new staff. To be more precise, three new graduates are being recruited in the coming months, all of which will be shaped into future Fintech talent.

There seems to be a big Fintech effort taking place in Manchester, England these days. It is positive to see areas keeping an open mind towards financial technology and innovation. Hello Soda is one of startups based in the Manchester area, and they recently moved offices to the Piccadilly Plaza’s City Tower.

Big Dag Data Matters To Manchester-based Hello Soda

Now that the company has twice the office space at its disposal, the time has come to grow their staff. Three new graduates will be hired and employed, all of whom will be trained in the field of big data analytics. Regardless of how people want to look at things, big data will become more important and relevant.

Hello Soda is best-known for the PROFILE platform, which organized big data in an unstructured manner. Rather than providing customers with clear cut information, the company wants to let clients customize the information to suit their needs. Every enterprise has its insights they want to gather from this treasure trove of information, and no single solution works for everyone.

Moreover, the PROFILE platform is suited towards players in the lending, insurance, marketing, gaming, and retail sectors, to name a few. But there is more, as these big data insights can be wielded to verify identification and tackle fraud in near real-time. More importantly, the one-on-one engagement between companies and customers is another option well worth exploring.

Hello Soda CEO and Founder James Blake told the media:

“There is a lot of talk about the need to be based in London to be a successful FinTech but our story alone demonstrates that this is not the case. We are passionate about the Northern Powerhouse and committed to being part of it as the region continues to grow in status and becomes a hub for business innovation. Hello Soda may have started small but we have already expanded internationally; we have an office in Bangkok and do business around the world all from our Manchester home.”

Manchester will be an area to keep an eye on over the coming years. The city council is doing everything they can to invite Fintech startups to this region. Moreover, they are attracting a lot of investor attention as well. Plenty of big data opportunities await in Manchester, and beyond as well.

Header image courtesy of Hello Soda

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