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BitConnect Price Will Reach $160 Thanks to Gains Against Bitcoin

by on October 9, 2017

The long wait is finally over as BitConnect finally surpassed the $1bn market cap. More specifically, this altcoin is now valued at a cap of $1.1bn, which is pretty spectacular. This is mainly thanks to the current Bitcoin price rise, though. BCC is also the only altcoin to not go in the red as of right now. Instead, a 6.71% gain can be noted across the exchanges.

BitConnect has been on a roll throughout 207. This applies to most major cryptocurrencies, though, as this year has been pretty positive overall. However, even BCC has seen its ups and downs along the way, as is to be expected. A few weeks ago, this currency was valued at $90. Today, it is worth $157, and there is no sign of BCC slowing down just yet.

A Strong Push for BitConnect

For holders of this altcoin, that is excellent news. A lot of people have faith in BitConnect, for obvious reasons. This is despite the stigma of how this currency is mainly traded on its own exchange. While that is certainly true, there are other platforms supporting BCC as well All of this has resulted in a nice BitConnect price increase, making it one of the top altcoins in the world right now.

With the BitConnect market cap on the rise, things are looking pretty good. The current BCC price is also heading toward $160 if this momentum continues. Most altcoins derive their USD value from Bitcoin. That is not entirely the case for BitConnect. In fact, it notes a 2.62% gain against Bitcoin, despite this currency going through a bullish phase as well. Rather remarkable, that much is certain. All other alternative cryptocurrencies are bleeding value as we speak.

With over $12.4m in trading volume, the demand for BitConnect is not slowing down whatsoever. Over 95% of this volume comes from the BCC exchange, but that won’t surprise anyone anymore. Livecoin and Novaexchange complete the top three, which is no real change either. It is surprising to see BitConnect still can’t be traded against fiat currencies right now. Such a pair would certainly elevate this altcoin to a whole new level.

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