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BitConnect Value Soars Past US$105 as BCC Exchange Generates US$7m in Trading Volume

by on August 14, 2017

Bitconnect holders are quite excited about how things are evolving these days. The value of BCC has gone up quite a bit since we looked at the price last Wednesday. More specifically, one BitConnectCoin is worth US$109. Less than a week ago, that value hovered around the US$84 point. It is evident good things are happening to BitConnect as we speak and it will be interesting to see what the future holds.

Positive price momentum is not easy to come by in cryptocurrency. More specifically, when the Bitcoin price goes up, altcoins tend to suffer more often than not. In the case of BitConnect, however, things are trucking along nicely. More specifically, surpassing the US$100 value is quite significant for this popular altcoin. It is evident BitConnect is one of the few currencies not suffering from the bullish Bitcoin trend these days.

Positive Momentum for BitConnect Results in Price Gains

It has to be said, BitConnect is seeing some positive momentum. It is unclear where this momentum is coming from as we speak, though. Regardless of its origin, the majority of trading volume comes from the native BCC exchange. With over US$7m in 24-hour volume, things are looking pretty impressive. Other exchanges are well behind the curve in this regard, that much is evident. Then again, all trading platforms show a similar BCC price, which is a positive sign.

One thing to take into account is how many people still confuse BCC with Bitcoin Cash. This is mainly due to some larger exchanges labeling Bitcoin Cash as BCC, even though it should be BCH. It seems some platforms are effectively changing the listings as we speak, though. Ignoring BCC when it already belongs to a major altcoin is never a good idea. Then again, BitConnect isn’t listed on big exchanges, which means most people have never heard of it so far. Exchange operators should know better, though, to say the least.

Anyone holding BCC is quite pleased with this value increase, for obvious reasons. It is possible we may see another major price increase over the coming weeks. It’s good to see the currency gain some value in comparison to Bitcoin. People looking to get their hands on some BCC should keep an eye out for the official BCC exchange. It is good to see multiple currencies gain value during this crucial time in cryptocurrency history.

JP Buntinx is a 30-year old FinTech and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium. His passion for finance and technology made him one of the world's leading freelance Bitcoin writers, and he is working to achieve the same level of respect in the FinTech sector.
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