Cryptocurrency payments are of great interest to retailers all over the world. Being able to accept alternative payment methods is always an option worth exploring. In Spain, Dash payments will be available at 10,000 retailers soon This is all thanks to Bitnovo, a Spanish cryptocurrency payment platform. The choice for Dash is pretty interesting, as there are other more viable options as well.

Bitnovo is a company looking to expand its presence in the Spanish market. That is much easier said than done these days. Bringing cryptocurrency payments to retailers and consumers has not been easy.  After all, it is still a very niche market. Moreover, without sufficient convenience, most people won’t give these new options a second glance. This is where the Spanish company hopes to make a positive impact. At least, as far as Dash is concerned.

Dash Comes to Spanish Retailers

More specifically, consumers will be able to purchase this cryptocurrency through coupons and gift cards. These products will appear across 10,000 retailers in Spain. It includes Carrefour and Media Market outlets, both of which are very popular brands. It is another step in the right direction for both Bitnovo and the Dash cryptocurrency. Mainstream use cases are not easy to come by in this day and age. Even Bitcoin struggles to make any major impact in this regard, especially in Europe.

Dash Head of Legal Fernando Gutierrez comments as follows:

“As the subject of cryptocurrencies finds its way into conversations around the globe, the primary barrier to widespread adoption of digital assets remains the same. While there is incredible eagerness to enter this arena, the convoluted path to entry remains a significant roadblock for most interested parties.”

The choice for Dash is pretty interesting. It has a low supply, most of which is locked up in so-called masternodes. There is almost no major market liquidity to speak of. It will be interesting to see if this affects Bitnovo’s plans in any way. After all, if people aren’t willing to sell, consumers can’t buy it either. It is a bit unclear where the liquidity is supposed to come from. All of this begs the question whether or not Dash was the smart choice. Time will tell if Bitnovo did the right thing in this regard.

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