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Blockchain.info Wallet Integrates Support for Ethereum and ShapeShift

by on August 17, 2017

It is always interesting to see existing cryptocurrency wallet service integrate support for more currencies. In the case of blockchain.info, the only supported currency was Bitcoin. That is no longer the case, as Ethereum is now supported as well. This change is quite surprising, to say the least. It is evident wallet providers will need to update their service accordingly. Enabling Ethereum supported was nothing anyone expecting to see all of a sudden.

Most cryptocurrency users know the blockchain.info platform all too well. It is a web-based Bitcoin wallet service. A few years ago, a mobile app for this platform became available as well. Ever since that time, no one has seen many major upgrades. The service is well-renowned and it looks like they want to expand their presence. Enabling support for Ethereum is quite surprising, to say the least. Not because there is no demand for this currency, but mainly because Ethereum isn’t associated with a wallet such as blockchain.info.

Ethereum Support now Available to Blockchain.info Users

It is quite a challenge for the blockchain team as well. More specifically, they have never dealt with the issue of managing multiple accounts in one wallet solution. Integrating this feature in both a web-based and mobile solution isn’t all that easy by any means. It appears this integration has been in development for quite some time, though. Blockchain wallets are non-custodial and users need to give full control over their funds at all times. The centralized dashboard is still there, but users can export their wallet freely as they see fit.

Blockchain CEO Peter Smith comments as follows:

“As popularity of Ethereum has grown, so has the desire from our customers to have the option to manage multiple digital assets within their Blockchain wallets. We are thrilled to introduce this new functionality to our community and will continue to find ways to make interacting with digital assets even easier.”

It is also worth mentioning Blockchain.info integrated ShapeShift functionality. This means users can trade between Bitcoin and Ethereum from their wallet directly. This is a method of approach we have seen from other cryptocurrency wallet providers as well lately. The company has over 16 million wallets across 140 countries. Users in all of these regions will have immediate access to Ethereum as we speak. An intriguing solution by Blockchain.info, that much is evident.

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