Blue Trading, the first fiat and cryptocurrency exchange platform managed by certified traders, was formed in 2012. The platform is developed with an objective to serve as a diversified exchange platform for private and institutional investors to trade in various fiat and cryptocurrencies safely and remotely, with utmost transparency. Due to its ability to allow global investors to trade in major Forex instruments and Cryptos, Blue Trading has gained immense popularity. The company, at present, is under the process of relaunching its website, and maybe few more exclusive features can be added to this comprehensive trading experience.

The Trading Platform

Blue Trading utilizes a professional proprietary platform that connects users’ trading accounts via MirrorTrader platform. The platform trades major Forex instruments, Ethereum, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as most of the popular commodities. Investors are allowed to have multiple trading accounts as long as they fulfill the KYC (Utility bill/passport) requirements with their name.

Cost Efficient Platform

We have found that many investors are reluctant to enter the world of cryptocurrency trading due to the fear of high management fee and commissions. Blue Trading addresses both these concerns. Firstly, since Blue Trading is a decentralized exchange platform based on the blockchain, there is no intermediary or middleman in between who could eat up a significant commission. Secondly, Blue Trading charges investors with performance fee only. There is no management or start-up fee, which is unlike traditional financial firms and similar exchanges. Investors just have to pay 18% of their annual net profits as a performance fee. For VIP account holders, the percentage is even as low as 14%. Blue Trading gives an option to all users to upgrade their accounts to VIP status anytime.

Taxation Policies

Blue Trading has nothing to do with clients’ tax liabilities and matters. Taxes paid on clients’ trading profits are solely based on their local tax laws and regulations. Since Blue Trading possesses clients in a number of counties, the company doesn’t send client statement to any tax authority.

In addition, the platform doesn’t offer legal/tax consultation because of global regulations. Users can download their statement anytime from Blue Trading platform and meet the requirements as stated by their local tax jurisdiction or authorities.
Compounded Profits

The profits gained over the platform are compounded on the trading account. As client account grows with time, Blue Trading adjusts the leverage to client account size in order to make sure that client is getting the maximum profit.

Verified Performance

Blue Trading holds multiple verification methods to ensure full transparency all through the functions and transactions executed over the platform. The safety is enhanced as Track Records are 100% verified by third-party trading verification sites and CPA Firm.
Overall, Blue Trading platform seems to be an optimal exchange for fiat and cryptocurrency trading, with ease, security, transparency, and speed. The newly updated platform will be soon available at


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