Physical representations of Bitcoin have always been an interesting concept. They represent a digital form of money which can never be tangible. Moreover, these coins make for great gifts and collectibles alike. Fintech Select is the latest company to launch their physical Bitcoin product. It is another major breakthrough in the world of cryptocurrency, to say the least.

It is important to note physical Bitcoin products are nothing new. These types of coins have been manufactured by cryptocurrency enthusiasts over the past few years. Even some companies specialize in creating such objects. Fintech Select is one of the new players on the block. This company has been working on this new item in stealth mode for quite some time now. The first shipment of physical coins is in and they are available for purchase as we speak.

A New Canadian Physical Bitcoin Product

This decision is quite interesting, to say the least. Fintech Select normally focuses on pre-paid card solutions, mobile banking, and now also digital currencies. In fact, they offer a solution to bring cryptocurrency payments to point-of-sale terminals in the United States. It only makes sense to manufacture a physical Bitcoin product as well. It further affirms the company’s desire to see cryptocurrencies succeed.

Fintech Select President and Founder Mohammad Abuleil states:

“The demand and response from those in attendance was a positive sign that our solution will play a critical role within the Cryptocurrency sector. Our POS solution creates a simple way for consumers to buy Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies. We are pleased with the results and intend to gradually update the market on all new locations.”

Seeing this Canadian fintech firm get on board with Bitcoin is a big deal. A physical representation of Bitcoin is a solid product, to say the least. Whether or not it will help attract a larger interest in cryptocurrencies, remains to be seen. There is a growing interest in this new form of money, that much is evident. However, the fact people can’t hold a Bitcoin physically still raises a lot of questions. Products like these may make it easier for regular people to see the value in Bitcoin.

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