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Here’s What Bitcoin At $10,000 Means

by Samuel Raeon November 28, 2017
It is looking increasingly like bitcoin is about to break the $10,000 mark on the major exchanges and this has some profound implications for not just bitcoin but the entire cryptocurrency and digital asset space going forward. Here is a look at what this means and what to expect. When price breaks through a major […]

Here’s What Just Happened With Segwit2X

by Samuel Raeon November 9, 2017
If anyone in the bitcoin space was asked what the most contentious element of the sector has been over the last six months or so, there’s a strong chance the response would be the Segwit2X fork. This hard fork, which was designed to “upgrade” bitcoin so as to allow it to grow into an increasingly […]

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Here’s Another House Up For Sale In Bitcoin In The UK

by Samuel Raeon November 6, 2017
During the middle of October, news hit press that a house in Essex, UK, had been put up for sale with the sale price denominated entirely in bitcoin. At then-current pricing, the value of the house in UK Sterling (as dictated by the 82.55BTC asking price) came in at a little over £375,000. Fast forward […]

Here’s What The Bitcoin Investment Trust Application Withdrawal Really Means

by Samuel Raeon September 28, 2017
Whatever bitcoin uses and insiders say about ease of use in the space, the reality is that – for your average individual – buying and selling bitcoin, as well as storing it, is a somewhat complex process. Sure, you can go to an online exchange like Coinbase and the front end makes things seem relatively […]

Now It’s JP Morgan That’s A Fraud And The Courts Say It’s Official

by Samuel Raeon September 27, 2017
This time a few weeks ago, JP Morgan head Jamie Dimon now infamously (in the bitcoin space, at least) offered up his feelings on bitcoin and the cryptocurrency sector as a whole at an industry conference. His comments basically outlined the fact that he feels bitcoin is a fraudulent asset, if an asset at all, […]
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Financial Institutions Need An Internet of Things Strategy

by JP Buntinxon August 15, 2016
The Internet of Things is a great initiative to look forward to. Not only will it connect more devices to the Internet, but it will also strengthen the peer-to-peer nature of our society. At the same time, IoT will shake up the financial sector as we know it. The time for micropayments and automated money […]