Fintechist FlipTM Cryptocurrency

FlipTM Can now be Pre-ordered to Spend Cryptocurrency Through NFC Payments

by JP Buntinxon February 22, 2018
Making cryptocurrency payments more convenient is not an easy feat. A lot of consumers and business owners simply do not care about this form of payment. Fit Pay has big plans in this regard, as their FlipTM device is now available for pre-order. This contactless device lets cryptocurrency users complete payments at millions of retail […]
Fintechist Zaif Glitch Crash

Zaif Exchange Glitch Sends Cryptocurrency Prices Tumbling

by JP Buntinxon February 21, 2018
Cryptocurrency exchanges continue to cause a lot of concerns right now. Zaif, another popular Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, experienced a very weird glitch. Traders were able to claim various digital tokens traded on the platform at zero cost. Technical glitches are nothing new in the world of trading platforms. These problems occur in the traditional financial […]

TheMerkle Mark Carney Bitcoin

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney: “Bitcoin Failed as a Currency”

by JP Buntinxon February 20, 2018
The opinions on Bitcoin will always remain rather divided. In the case of the Bank of England, they are not too impressed by this cryptocurrency. In fact, BoE Governor Mark Carney states Bitcoin has failed as a currency. An interesting development, although not really a surprising statement. Bitcoin has proven to be a rather interesting […]
Fintechsit S&P Crypto Collapse Banks

S&P is Confident a Cryptocurrency Market Collapse Will not Hurt Banks

by JP Buntinxon February 19, 2018
Cryptocurrencies are an intriguing product in the financial sector. While not everyone approves of this method, it does pose some interesting opportunities. A fair few financial institutions are outright worried about the impact these currencies will have in the future. S&P is not too concerned about cryptocurrency as of right now. That situation can charge […]

Fintechist Bitstamp Onfido KYC

Bitstamp Partners Onfido to Speed up Their User Verification Process

by JP Buntinxon February 18, 2018
These are golden times for most cryptocurrency exchanges. Interest in this new form of money is soaring as we speak. Users from all over the world want to register for an account and begin trading. This also means companies need to smoothen out their onboarding process. Cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp is doing exactly that, with the […]
Fintechist SEC Penny Stocks Suspension

SEC Suspends Trading of Three Penny Stocks Exploring Cryptocurrency Opportunities

by JP Buntinxon February 18, 2018
The SEC has begun cracking down on malicious cryptocurrency companies as of late. Another three firms have had their trading suspended due to their potentially fictitious acquisition of cryptocurrency and blockchain assets. It is evident a lot of companies aim to defraud users in the hopes of getting away with it. In a way, it […]