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CME Is Set To Launch Bitcoin Futures In December

by Samuel Raeon November 20, 2017
It has only been a few weeks since CME Group announced that it would be putting forward bitcoin futures as a near-term tradable asset for its clients. At the time, when the announcement hit press, markets regarded it as relatively positive given that it should theoretically improve the liquidity in the underlying asset based on […]
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BitConnect Price Fails to Maintain $300 Value

by JP Buntinxon November 20, 2017
Owners of BitConnect will keep a close eye on the price charts for the time being. Things have not exactly worked out as planned this past week. While BCC successfully surpassed $300, that success was rather shortlived. In fact, the price started retracing and is currently struggling to maintain the $290 level. Not a positive […]

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UBS CIO Slams Bitcoin for Lack of Governmental Control

by JP Buntinxon November 19, 2017
In a statement that will surprise no one, UBS has successfully put Bitcoin back in its place. More specifically, the financial services firm has no plans to get involved with cryptocurrencies. Not that anyone expected differently, mind you. Banks continue to ignore what is staring them right in the face. Whether or not that is […]

Japanese Quoine Wants To Tackle The Russian Bitcoin Market

by Samuel Raeon November 17, 2017
We have said it before here at Fintechist, but we’ll say it again – an increase in collaborative mergers and acquisition activity in an industry, especially a nascent industry such as that of blockchain and cryptocurrency right now, is a leading indicator of sector growth. This is why the latest news out of Japan is […]

Here’s What The Gold Space Thinks About Bitcoin

by Samuel Raeon November 16, 2017
For as long as bitcoin has been around, but even more so over the last couple of years, the asset has been compared to gold. Is it a store of value? Is it a tradable token of exchange? Is it a commodity, a currency, what? Indeed, it seems as though it proven its worth as […]

Man Group Is About To Launch Its Own Bitcoin Futures Instrument

by Samuel Raeon November 15, 2017
Bitcoin futures have long been the subject of intense scrutiny in the US, with the SEC to date having repeatedly turned down applications to allow these sorts of tradable instruments to be listed legally in the country. The problem, as is repeatedly reported, is that the underlying asset (the bitcoin, in this instance) is far […]