Fintechist Ripple Banks Payment Processors

More Banks and Payment Processors Show an Interest in What Ripple has to Offer

by JP Buntinxon February 21, 2018
Ripple continues to make a lot of headway in the financial sector. Even though not everyone is a fan of the company, their business model is pretty solid. A new business deal with two banks and three payment processors has been signed. As such, the company is venturing into the Indian, Brazilian, and the Chinese […]
Fintechist Earthport DLT

Cross-border Payment Provider Earthport Hopes DLT can Save Their Business Model

by JP Buntinxon February 15, 2018
It is evident something needs to change in the world of cross-border payments. The current solutions are convenient but stupidly expensive. Even companies such as Earthport feel the heat of competing solutions which fall beyond traditional finance. As such, the company hopes distributed ledger technology can help them turn the ship around. Whether or not […]

Fintechist ABN Amro Blockchain Escrow

ABN Amro Unveils Blockchain-based Escrow Alternative

by JP Buntinxon February 15, 2018
Blockchain technology remains a hot topic in the financial sector. A lot of processes and operations can be made cheaper and more efficient with this technology. ABN Amro has always been a major proponent of blockchain so far Their Clearing service will now offer a DLT-based alternative to escrow accounts. This is of great interest […]
Fintechist RiskMS Alastria Blockchain

Alastria Blockchain Consortium Welcomes RiskMS

by JP Buntinxon February 13, 2018
Blockchain consortia can be found all over the world. Especially in Spain, there are some interesting efforts to keep an eye on. The Alastria consortium welcomes RiskMS as their newest member. This tech company specializes in compliance and RegTech. It is evident this new member will bring positive attention to the consortium as a whole. […]

Fintechist Blanc Labs R3 Blockchain

Blanc Labs Partners R3 to Integrate Blockchain Technology

by JP Buntinxon February 10, 2018
Blockchain technology continues to make a big impact on the fintech sector. A lot of opportunities have yet to be fully explored in this regard. There is a growing need for innovative solutions. Using a distributed ledger can make a rather big difference in this regard. As such, we see fintech startup Blanc Labs partner […]
Fintechist Shyft Network Blockchain KYC

Shyft Unveils Open KYC-compatible Blockchain Ecosystem

by JP Buntinxon February 9, 2018
Blockchain technology can impact many different business models in the coming years. For Shyft, the main focus is on both KYC and AML solutions. More specifically, their open and unified blockchain framework for standardizing regulatory compliance has gone live. It is an interesting solution that will certainly attract a lot of attention. This further shows […]