South Korea Is Next In Line For Hardline Bitcoin Regulation

by Samuel Raeon December 5, 2017
It seems as though every day that passes brings with it some fresh news related to bitcoin and cryptocurrency regulation globally. In line with this, and as per the latest development in the space, news just hit press that yet another Asian nation was outlining its proposals for a regulatory framework in the sector and […]

The UK Police Force Is Going After Ryan Kennedy

by Samuel Raeon October 20, 2017
News just hit press in the cryptocurrency space that the police in the UK are investigating Mintpal. Some reading might remember Mintpal – it was a pretty popular exchange a couple of years ago and one that, at its peak, was processing millions of dollars in cryptocurrency transactions daily. Then, between the end of summer […]

GDAX Now Has Algorithmic Trading Says Coinbase

by Samuel Raeon October 18, 2017
When it comes to online bitcoin wallets and buying and selling bitcoin over an online exchange, it doesn’t get bigger than Coinbase. The company is currently adding more than 1 million users per month to its database and, against the backdrop of a dramatic increase in mainstream adoption of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general globally, […]

IBM Is Using Blockchain Technology For Cross Border Payments

by Samuel Raeon October 16, 2017
The big news out of the commercial bitcoin space this week is that computing and hardware giant, IBM, is employing blockchain technology to facilitate cross-border payments. The platform is early stage but it’s a great example of how public and private blockchains can combine to support real world functionality and – concurrently – reinforce the […]

Take A Look At Putin Talking About Bitcoin At The Kremlin

by Samuel Raeon October 11, 2017
Vladimir Putin just held a meeting on the use of digital technology in finance and the implementation of innovative financial tools in Russia. The meeting, which was attended by Presidential Aide Andrei Belousov, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, Central Bank Governor Elvira Nabiullina, Central Bank Deputy Governor Olga Skorobogatova and QIWI CEO Sergei Solonin, is drawing […]

France Set To Outline Positioning On ICOs

by Samuel Raeon October 9, 2017
The global response to the using of cryptocurrency and a blockchain to raise funds for a startup (or growth within an existing entity) by way of an initial coin offering (ICO) has been mixed. China has banned ICOs outright. Other nations, Canada for example, have decided to take a step back and let the market […]