Here’s What The Gold Space Thinks About Bitcoin

by Samuel Raeon November 16, 2017
For as long as bitcoin has been around, but even more so over the last couple of years, the asset has been compared to gold. Is it a store of value? Is it a tradable token of exchange? Is it a commodity, a currency, what? Indeed, it seems as though it proven its worth as […]

VanEck Is Going For Bitcoin Indices Over ETFs

by Samuel Raeon November 7, 2017
The push to get a bitcoin or other cryptocurrency based exchange traded fund (ETF) green-lighted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the US has been well documented throughout 2017. A number of entities have tried, and subsequently failed, to get their own iteration of this sort of trading vehicle listed and – as […]

The UK Police Force Is Going After Ryan Kennedy

by Samuel Raeon October 20, 2017
News just hit press in the cryptocurrency space that the police in the UK are investigating Mintpal. Some reading might remember Mintpal – it was a pretty popular exchange a couple of years ago and one that, at its peak, was processing millions of dollars in cryptocurrency transactions daily. Then, between the end of summer […]

Malta Is Trying To Revolutionize Education With Blockchain

by Samuel Raeon October 3, 2017
Malta has, for some time now, been regarded as an island that is incredibly friendly towards bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space in general. As far back as the start of this year, reports started hitting press that the nation’s government was looking for ways to promote blockchain adoption across a variety of different areas of […]

Domain Registration Is Now Anonymous With Njalla

by Samuel Raeon September 20, 2017
Anybody with a certain degree of technological savvy will likely already be aware of the peer-to-peer file transfer system that is run through the BitTorrent protocol and is commonly referred to as torrenting. For those not familiar with this term, it’s the way people download movies, games, audio files, all that sort of thing for […]

Prime-Ex Perpetual Announces ICO Project for Residential Real Estate in Panama

by Yashu Golaon September 14, 2017
Prime-Ex Perpetual, a blockchain-based real estate solutions company, has announced the crowdsale of PEX, its institutionalized token. The Panama-based company, which aims to simplify the entire home buying process for customers, wants to do so by removing traditional barriers. Its business model proposes to achieve efficiencies in scope and scale by encouraging organic PEX demand. […]