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Fintechist Dropbox IPO

Dropbox Sets a $500m Target for its Upcoming IPO

by JP Buntinxon February 25, 2018
Initial public offerings are still pretty popular in the financial sector. Dropbox, the cloud storage company, is looking to raise $500m through their upcoming IPO later this year. The funds will be used to improve its current services and potentially add some new features.For now, the paperwork has only been submitted and needs to be […]
Fintechist TD Bank Outage

Some TD Bank Users Can’t Access Proper Banking Services for Nearly two Weeks now

by JP Buntinxon February 23, 2018
Banks suffer from major outages on a rather regular basis. Each of these events leaves customers annoyed and frustrated. The latest bank to suffer from such problems is none other than TD Bank. This is not a positive sign for the financial institution by any means. Especially when dealing with such a major outage affecting […]

Fintechist Apple Pay Growth

Global Growth of Apple Pay Goes Slower Than Expected

by JP Buntinxon February 23, 2018
Most people would assume Apple Pay is incredibly popular by now. That may be true in certain regions, but it is far from a mainstream payment method. Even though there is year over year growth once again, things are still looking a bit bleak. On the upside, the number of transactions has tripled, which is […]
Fintechist FlipTM Cryptocurrency

FlipTM Can now be Pre-ordered to Spend Cryptocurrency Through NFC Payments

by JP Buntinxon February 22, 2018
Making cryptocurrency payments more convenient is not an easy feat. A lot of consumers and business owners simply do not care about this form of payment. Fit Pay has big plans in this regard, as their FlipTM device is now available for pre-order. This contactless device lets cryptocurrency users complete payments at millions of retail […]

LBN Robo-Advisors New Zealand

New Zealand’s Regulator Exempts Robo-Advisors From Existing Guidelines

by JP Buntinxon February 22, 2018
Robo-advisors are often touted as the next big innovation in the financial sector. Automated solutions capable of answering questions and advising clients have a lot of potential. New Zealand’s regulatory authority is now looking for applications from such service providers. As such, the governing body wants to officially embrace this technology as we speak. It […]
Fintechist Zaif Glitch Crash

Zaif Exchange Glitch Sends Cryptocurrency Prices Tumbling

by JP Buntinxon February 21, 2018
Cryptocurrency exchanges continue to cause a lot of concerns right now. Zaif, another popular Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, experienced a very weird glitch. Traders were able to claim various digital tokens traded on the platform at zero cost. Technical glitches are nothing new in the world of trading platforms. These problems occur in the traditional financial […]