Fintechist Asia Pacific Market

Asia-Pacific Fintech Industry to Reach $72bn by 2020, Study Finds

by JP Buntinxon February 11, 2018
Fintech is a booming business in most regions around the world. One particular region to keep an eye on is the Asia-Pacific. Their fintech market has been growing rapidly over the past few years. According to a new study, the trend will not slow down in the future either. By 2020, we may be looking […]
Fintechist South African Reserve Bank Fintech

South African Reserve Bank Launches Three-man Fintech Unit

by JP Buntinxon January 30, 2018
Financial technology is of great interest to any financial institution in the world. In this day and age, no bank can afford to miss out on big innovation and improvements. South Africa’s central bank acknowledges now is the time to finally take a step forward. As such, they have officially launched a full-time fintech united. […]

Fintechist AI Trend Lab Angel Funding

AI Fintech Startup Trend Lab Completes $12.7m Angel Funding Round

by JP Buntinxon January 17, 2018
It is a matter of time until artificial intelligence makes an impact in the financial sector. A lot of companies are looking into AI solutions as we speak. Trend Lab, one of the many fintech startups focusing on this technology, recently completed their angel funding round. A total of $12.7m has been raised which a […]
Fintechist Biometrics Finance Canada

Canadian Consumers Consider Biometrics “Safe Enough” for Daily Financial Transactions

by JP Buntinxon January 14, 2018
Biometric security has yet to make a meaningful impact on the financial sector. Very few institutions allow such technology to be used by their consumers right now. A new Via study shows Canada may be a breeding ground for future biometric authentication tools. Consumers in that country seemingly have a keen interest in new technologies. […]

Fintechist ECB Bitcoin Trading Risks

ECB Executive Warns About the Impact of Bitcoin Trading on Europe’s Financial Stability

by JP Buntinxon January 3, 2018
The ECB has always been an interesting institution when it comes to cryptocurrency. For now, they have zero plans to effectively regulate Bitcoin and other currencies. In fact, Mario Draghi feels that is not the bank’s task or prerogative to do so. However, the ECB did issue a stark warning regarding the trading of Bitcoin […]
Fintechist Securities Commission Malaysia Fintech

Securities Commission Malaysia Announces new Regulatory Fintech Sandbox

by JP Buntinxon December 21, 2017
Malaysia is one of those countries where financial innovation cna make a big impact. It is all up to the Securities Commission to make sure innovation can thrive. So far, the agency has been relatively quiet on that front. That is all coming to change, as a new sandbox was announced today. Anyone interested in […]