Fintechist Singapore Philippines Fintech Agreement

Singapore and Philippines Sign Collaborative Fintech Agreement

by JP Buntinxon November 17, 2017
Fintech agreements between different nations are always worth keeping an eye on. The Philippines and Singapore signed such an agreement not too long ago. As part of this deal, both countries will focus even more on financial innovation. These are two very big markets in the world of finance. A lot of the current services […]
Fintechist Singapore Fintech Festival

Singapore Prepares to Kick off Second Annual Fintech Festival

by JP Buntinxon November 13, 2017
Fintech is of great interest to the government of Singapore. Thanks to some lenient regulation, firms and startups can genuinely boom in this region. The Monetary Authority of Singapore is excited kicked off the second Fintech Festival. This weeklong event will hopefully create some new partnerships and collaborative opportunities. This region wants to be at […]

Here’s A Look At The Bitcoin Price From A Bias Theory Angle

by Samuel Raeon November 10, 2017
The bitcoin price has spent the last few months rocketing to current levels and this has brought with it a host of different layers of expectation. Some believe price will continue to rise. Some believe that the current run is nothing but an asset bubble and that- inevitably, as bubbles do – we’re going to […]
Fintechsit KBC Cross-border Payments Tracking

Corporate KBC Clients Receive Improved Cross-Border Payment Tracking Functionality

by JP Buntinxon November 6, 2017
Cross-border payments have been a part of the financial sector for some time now. However, this method of payment is still quite cumbersome to deal with. Especially when it comes to tracking such payments, things can certainly be improved. KBC has launched a new dashboard to do exactly that. It is a major upgrade for […]

Fintechist Australia Fintech Startups

Australia’s Fintech Scene is Firing on all Cylinders Despite Mounting Challenges

by JP Buntinxon November 4, 2017
Fintech is a booming industry in Australia right now.After a few difficult years, things are finally heading in the right direction. Median revenue has almost tripled and local companies are gaining global recognition. Moreover, startups are effectively rivaling banks, which is a positive sign. The Annual FinTech Australia Census report by Ernst & Young is […]
Fintechist Lloyds Banking Group Anti-fraud Questionnaire

Lloyds Banking Group Introduces Questionnaire to Prevent Bank Transfer Fraud

by JP Buntinxon November 2, 2017
The rise of the Internet has introduced many great changes for our society. Not all of those changes turned out positive in the end, though. Especially online fraud is becoming a very big issue these days. Lloyds Banking Group is looking for new ways to address these concerns. Their new online scam-blocker will certainly be […]