Deutsche Bank Fintech Strategy

Deutsche Bank Sees Insurtech and Robo-Advising As Two Critical Fintech Pillars

by JP Buntinxon July 16, 2016
Deutsche Bank has been getting a lot of bad press as of late, as the institution is facing some tough times. At the same time, DB is still looking for potential partners in the Fintech world. Despite all of the bad press, the bank wants to innovate, and they have a clear plan to do […]
Fintechist_US Financial Regulation

Archaic US Financial Regulation Offers No Fintech Incentives

by JP Buntinxon June 11, 2016
Fintech Innovation seems to primarily originate in the United States, albeit there are a lot of international efforts underway as well. However, due to banking regulations, the US may fall behind the curve in the coming years. Moreover, there is a high failure rate for bank-like business models to take into account. Very few people […]

Fintechist_Fintech Infrastructure Innovation

Fintech Infrastructure Is About Much More Than Physical Presence

by JP Buntinxon June 7, 2016
Bringing Fintech innovation to particular regions or even countries is about much more than just words. Infrastructure has to be set up to foster development, and the regulatory landscape must give startups room to breathe. Financial services bring a lot of potential to the table, and investors need to be made aware of the benefits […]
Fintechist_Singapore Fintech Hub Regulatory Sandbox

Regulatory Sandbox Can Make Singapore Biggest Fintech Hub in Asia

by JP Buntinxon June 6, 2016
Regulation and FinTech are an odd couple, as policymakers have to work a fine line between too strict and too loose guidelines. The Monetary Authority of Singapore proposes a regulatory sandbox for startups and pilot programs in the Fintech industry. Regulation can be a positive thing for financial technology, assuming the guidelines leave breathing room […]

Fintechist_Bitcoin Fintech Renovation

Bitcoin and Fintech – Disruption or Renovation?

by JP Buntinxon June 1, 2016
Fintech and Bitcoin have often been referred to as disruptive tools in the financial ecosystem. But it appears as if banks are in the process of renovation, rather than facing disruption. Big changes are coming to the financial sector in 2016; that much is certain. Fintech and Bitcoin continue to attract a lot of VC […]
Fintechist_Artificial Intelligence Fintech

Artificial Intelligence – Valuable And Dangerous Ally For Fintech

by JP Buntinxon May 29, 2016
Over the past few months, there has been a lot of discussions regarding the future of artificial intelligence in the financial sector. While there is a lotĀ of innovation to be explored in this area, it is not certain how well this will translate to Fintech solutions. As is the case with any innovation, there are […]