Fintechist EMV Payment Cards Gemalto

Gemalto Aims to Boost EMV Adoption Throughout Ghana

by JP Buntinxon January 16, 2018
There is a growing need for more secure payment card solutions. This is especially true in countries where fraud and chargebacks are an ever-growing problem. Ghana is one of those countries where things can improve significantly. Gemalto is looking to speed up the EMV migration in this particular country. To do so, the company will […]
Fintechist Visa Signature EMV

Visa to Make Payment Card’s Signature Requirement Optional for US EMV Merchants

by JP Buntinxon January 15, 2018
Credit and debit cards have become rather common payment methods. Especially in the US, these payment options are quite commonly used. Until recently, all it took was a signature to confirm a card payment. That situation has changed for the better, thanks to the introduction of EMV transactions. Visa now plans to weed out signature-based […]

Fintechist TROY Mobile Contactless Payments

Turkish TROY Card Users to Receive Mobile Contactless Payment Functionality Soon

by JP Buntinxon January 10, 2018
Mobile contactless payments are not overly popular in Turkey right now. The same can be said for nearly any other country in the world.At the same time, the time to experiment with this new technology is right now. TROY, the Turkish national card scheme, will offer mobile contactless payments to its users very soon. This […]
Fintechist US not hot Mobile Payments

Most American Consumers and Banks Aren’t Interested in Mobile Payments

by JP Buntinxon January 8, 2018
In the world of finance, there are many different trends worth keeping an eye on. Mobile banking, for example, is growing quite popular in the US these days. At the same time, we see a clear lack of enthusiasm for mobile payments. It is uncanny how consumers prefer mobile for banking but more traditional payment […]

Fintechist Bank of Cyprus Fingerprint Payment Cards

Bank of Cyprus Will Introduce Fingerprinted-Authenticated Payment Cards

by JP Buntinxon January 5, 2018
The world of payment cards is prone to disruption. This medium of payment has not changed all that much in recent years. Perhaps the biggest change is how we can now pay through contactless manners. Bank of Cyprus has some big plans to shake things up. More specifically, they will issue biometric EMV cards in […]
Fintechist Bankwest Wearable Payments

Bankwest Will Roll out Their Wearable Payments Ring Soon

by JP Buntinxon January 4, 2018
Wearable payment solutions have not gained any major traction so far. In most cases, consumers don’t care much about wearables altogether. It is a very niche market, to say the very least. This doesn’t keep innovative banks from experimenting with the technology, though. Bankwest has opened a waiting list for users who want to try […]