Revain Announces Release of version0.2 of the Platform

by iamprotonon December 11, 2017
Moscow, Russia, December 11, 2017 — Revain announced today the release of version0.2 of the platform in less than a month after the release of its first test version on November 15th, 2017. In addition to basic features of the test version, the version0.2 has delivered a number of new ones. First and foremost, everyone […]

What is Cointed?

by JP Buntinxon December 11, 2017
Cointed is a start-up founded in 2014 with a versatile business model and a diverse team. Their aim is to become one of the first full-fledged financial solutions provider in the crypto industry What is Cointed? Founded back in 2014, before cryptocurrencies hit the main street, Cointed is among the first players in the digital […]


Bitcoin Over $14,000 – What’s Fueling The Rise?

by JP Buntinxon December 11, 2017
For what seems like the third or fourth time in 2017, bitcoin’s price is climbing to highs that many once viewed as unrealistic. At the time of this writing it has just passed over $14,000 for the first time, and is showing no signs of slowing down. Considering that many were shocked to see the […]

Smart Valley – a decentralized platform for projects, experts, and investors

by JP Buntinxon December 7, 2017
It is hard for investors to evaluate an ICO and distinguish between a great idea and a scam; it is even harder for founders to develop a quality ICO and launch it legally. But we have a solution. Smart Valley is a powerful system for ICO project assessment and development – with a combination of […]


How to Choose the Right Cryptocurrency Exchange?

by JP Buntinxon December 7, 2017
Choosing the right cryptocurrency exchange can make a world of difference for an investor. Everything from the exchange fees to the quality of the services help an investor rate an exchange. If you are looking for the right exchange then a good place to begin is where you will find detailed reviews related to […]

Debit Card giveaway

by JP Buntinxon December 5, 2017
Cointed is partnering payment solutions company to provide a crypto debit card that aims to make payments in crypto part of everyday life. Those who contribute to the the Cointed ICO during December have the chance to win a crypto debit card. Why a crypto debit card? Clients will link their wallets to the card, […]