The good news for Alipay simply doesn’t stop. This mobile payment solution has been of great interest to a lot of people for quite some time now. Especially Chinese tourists benefit from this solution in other places around the world. It seems Apple stores in China are the latest retailers to embrace Alipay in an official capacity. This is a remarkable decision, considering the technology giant has its own native payment solution. Apple Pay is a direct competitor in this regard.

It seems there is some Alipay-related news every other day as of right now. While it is commendable to see the company work hard, there’s always the risk of getting too big. Right now, this mobile payment method is the world’s largest platform. The Ant Financial Services Group is making big inroads in this regard. With their current rate of expansion, adding Chinese Apple stores was only a matter of time.

Another big Step Forward for Alipay

More specifically, Apple retail stores across China will integrate this new payment method soon. It is the first third-party mobile payment solution accepted by the US-based technology giant. Given Apple’s preference for proprietary solutions, supporting Alipay is somewhat controversial. It is certainly a move very few people saw coming. Especially in China, where Apple struggles for traction, such a decision will set an interesting precedent.

At the time of writing, China has 41 mainland Apple stores. It is the company’s biggest retail market outside of the US itself. Apple users will be able to use Alipay very soon. Additionally, the mobile payment app will have a dedicated Apple section. This includes different offers for online App Store purchases. It seems this new partnership can be quite beneficial for both parties involved.

In a way, this is a logical evolution of things. More specifically, Alipay is a payment option on the Apple China website. Moreover, China’s iTunes and App Store also accept this payment option. Bringing it to physical retailers simply makes a lot of sense at this stage. It will be interesting to see how the general public responds to this change. Moreover, we may see Apple introduce additional payment methods in other countries as well.

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