Companies Rally Together To Use Bitcoin For Social Good, Raising Almost $11k USD

The 3rd Annual Latin American Bitcoin Conference along with tremendous effort by BitGive ( raised a total of 25.4 BTC to be awarded to bitcoin non-profit projects and the Latin American community through a bitcoin collectibles auction, with items donated by Rocelo Lopes from CoinBR.

Latin American Bitcoin Conference Auction Raises 25.4 BTC for BitGive’s Donation Transparency Project and Mexican Charity Fundacion Parlas

Auctioned off at 20.4 BTC (10.2 BTC each) a unique bitcoin comic book titled “Bitcoin: The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto” was purchased by Rodolfo Andragnes of Bitcoin Argentina and Sebastian Wain of CoinFabrik. “Since there is only one book, we decided to share the book and double the help, as a way of giving back to the Bitcoin community,” said Rodolfo Andragnes.

Experienced fintech and compliance executive and advisor, Juan Llanos, travelled the world in order to get the comic book signed by more than 105 internationally-known Bitcoin pioneers from 10 different countries, including Andreas Antonopoulos, Jeff Garzik, Gavin Andresen, Vitalik Buterin, and Roger Ver making it truly one of a kind. The second auction item, a limited production beautifully-designed Cryptomatic bitcoin watch, was purchased by Pablo Gonzalez of Bitso for 5 BTC.

Proceeds from the auction will go to BitGive’s Donation Transparency Project to help projects in Western Kenya as well as local Mexican charity, Fundacion Parlas, which helps homeless and abandoned individuals with mental disabilities. After learning about cryptocurrency, Fundacion Parlas is now accepting donations through BitPay, which has partnered with Bitso in Mexico for pesos conversion. In order to widen the bidder pool, the first auction was held publicly on Twitter, where bidders could tweet their bid to #Bid4BitcoinComic, and the other was hosted live at the conference.

“LaBITconf 2015 was a new experience for PARLAS IAP Foundation (Fundacion Parlas)” said Alejandro Cuevas, Institutional Development Coordinator of PARLAS IAP Foundation. “We were able to attend the conference and learn different strategies for resource mobilization that will be useful as we continue to improve our service and Foundation projects.”

For more information about the conference and the auctions, visit or

About laBITconf 2015:
laBITconf is the very first Latin American Bitcoin conference. It took place in Buenos Aires (2013) and Rio de Janeiro (2014), garnering rave reviews from their 40+ top-tier speakers, 250+ attendees and local media coverage plus top media outlets as CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, and Bitcoinist among others. For more information please go to :

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