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CRB Can Now Be Traded On More Exchanges, Creditbit Jaxx Support Coming Soon?

by on May 5, 2017

Things continue to head in the right direction for Creditbit. The popular asset has seen more market traction than ever before. Additionally, a dedicated campaign has begun to raise more awareness about this project. The CRB token can now also be traded on additional exchanges, which is excellent news. If this pace keeps up, it is only a matter of time until CRB reaches a US$2 value.

More Great News For Creditbit

The past few weeks have been quite intense for the Creditbit community. The successful migration to the Ethereum blockchain has been a cause for major celebration. As a result of this movie, the Creditbit project gains access to all functionality provided by the Ethereum blockchain. This includes smart contracts, a DAO structure, and much more, as we highlighted before.

Moreover, news broke earlier this week regarding Trezor hardware wallet support. Anyone can now sign their CRB transfers with a TREZOR when using the MyEtherWallet platform. This is a big step in the right direction to providing additional security to all token holders.  Speaking of wallet support, the team told us how CRB may be added to the Jaxx wallet soon.

A lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts are familiar with the Jaxx wallet. It supports both Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as several assets issued on the Ethereum blockchain. Adding CRB to this platform would give the project even more exposure than ever before. More exposure has never hurt any cryptocurrency project, that much is certain.

Another initiative is underway to raise more Creditbit awareness. There is a dedicated signature and social media campaign on Bitcointalk right now. Anyone can share articles regarding Creditbit or add the signature to their profile. This should lead more people to this project and everything it has to offer. Make sure to check out all of the requirements when partaking in the signature campaign, though.

It appears additional cryptocurrency exchanges have finally decided to add a CRB trading pair. Crypto DAO and NovaExchange have both listed CRB as one of their tradeable assets. So far, Crypto DAO is adding a nice amount of trading volume through its CRB/BTC trading pair. Things have yet to pick up at NovaExchange, but it is good to see Creditbit trading there as well. The community still waits for Bittrex, Poloniex, and other exchanges to add the currency as well.

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