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CRB Enters Consolidation Mode Before Upward Trend to US$1

by on May 18, 2017

Things are looking somewhat bullish for the CRB price as of right now. Although the value per CRB is still below US$1, there was some upward momentum this week. The value per CRB briefly hit over US$0.9 this week, although it now seems to consolidate around US$0.8. There is still enough time for investors to buy cheap CRB, though.

Creditbit Remains On Everyone’s Radar

The past week has been quite interesting for alternative cryptocurrencies. A lot of currencies saw their value decline thanks to all of the XRP momentum. Unfortunately, Creditbit got caught up in this downward momentum, forcing the price down a bit. That is not necessarily a bad thing, though, as it allows more people to buy cheap CRB on the market.

Speaking of the market, Creditbit is sitting at a market cap of over US$10m. That is a more than respectable amount for a currency only traded on smaller exchanges. Despite all of the positive momentum of this project, major exchanges continue to hold off on listing CRB. No exchange in their right mind would do so on purpose, though. Creditbit can bring in hundreds of thousands of Dollars in 24-hour trading volume.

Speaking of trading, CRB continues to see a lot of momentum on the Chinese market. DABTC has overtaken Livecoin as the leading exchange. With the CRB/CNY outpacing CRB/BTC, it is evident Chinese investors are more than willing to trade CRB right now. Unfortunately, DABTC is the only market providing this trading pair, although that situation will hopefully change in the future.

With such an attractive price and room for upward potential, more people will take notice of Creditbit. Now that the finalized white paper has been made available as well, expect a lot of positive momentum for CRB in this coming week. The road to US$1 per CRB is rather short, and the target will be hit before you know it.  Anyone looking at cryptocurrency and digital assets needs to take notice of Creditbit.

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