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CRB Trading Volume Grows to Over US$1.1m Once Again

by on June 30, 2017

Another week of trading is in the books for CRB, and things are looking relatively stable. With the price hovering around US$0. 80, Creditbit holders will be pleased the price is not dropping further. At the same time, the increasing trading volume deserves some more attention. It is evident demand for CRB is not showing any sign of slowing down right now. That is a rather positive sign, although it is not surprising.

Price stability is a very rare trait in the world of cryptocurrency and digital tokens. Especially when both Bitcoin and Ethereum have shown signs of weakness over the past week. Creditbit, on the other hand, is doing just fine. The value remains stable, although many people would like to see it go much higher than where it is right now.  Patience is a virtue these days, and good things will happen eventually.

CRB is in a Good Place Right now

To be more specific, CRB is in a very good place right now. The price hovers around US$0. 80, which seems to be a solid price point. Considering how more and more people are diversifying their cryptocurrency portfolio, that value will go up in due time. We recently clarified some misconceptions surrounding Creditbit, which will help attract new investors in the coming weeks.

Speaking of CRB investors, the 24-hour trading volume is rather bullish right now. With nearly US$1.2m in 24-hour trading volume, Creditbit is doing a good job so far. The majority of demand originates from the Bittrex exchange right now. This is a positive development, considering the volume on Bittrex had dropped quite a bit earlier this week. Now that things are picking up again, it is only a matter of time until CRB hits US$1 on average.

Both DABTC and Livecoin are still bullish on CRB as well. Although their trading volume is a low lower compared to Bittrex, it shows investors will go to any platform which has Creditbit trading listed. One odd factor is how the Creditbit price on Crypto DAO is US$0.53, whereas other exchanges show a much higher value. It is possible this is just an API error on Coinmarketcap, though.

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