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Creditbit Community Thrives due to Jaxx Support and Upcoming Roadmap 3

by on June 19, 2017

The addition for Creditbit to the Jaxx wallet has been great news for the community. It is always good to see more wallet solutions support popular cryptocurrencies and tokens. In the case of CRB, one cannot deny the recent success the token has seen. Things are looking quite good for Creditbit as a whole, that much is evident. Plus, there is the roadmap 3 to look forward to as well.

Creditbit Continues its Meteoric Rise

Having the Jaxx wallet support CRB is a major development for any currency or token. In the case of Creditbit it presents community members with another wallet solution. Jaxx s rather popular across mobile and desktop users alike. Even though it is not the safest long-term wallet, Jaxx has its use for people looking to store some funds in a convenient manner.

Looking toward the future, it will be interesting to keep an eye on Creditbit as well. It is unclear what the next part of the roadmap will hold exactly. A lot of projects and features have already been developed as of late, although it appears things are only just getting started. ┬áThe new part of the roadmap will be released in the coming weeks, and we’ll make sure to keep an eye out for more information.

Most people are interested to see how CRB has been performing since its addition to Bittrex. It does appear there is a small dip on the charts, with key price support being tested in both USD and BTC value. Then again, Bitcoin is dropping in value as well, which often affects all currencies and tokens alike. It is possible CRB will drop below key support, but anything can happen.

That being said, one CRB is still worth US$1. 05, which is well above the US$0. 70 mark just over a week ago. It is to be expected values will fluctuate as the currency is exposed to more investors. The trading volume for Creditbit is looking quite good, with US$660,843 worth of trading taking place over the past 24 hours. Bittrex remains the largest market, although Livecoin and DABTC are putting up a good fight as well.

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