Some Creditbit community members are getting anxious about the lack of recent updates. While we know the CreditDAO should be finished soon, the wait is not over yet.Additionally, the team has yet to unveil their real identities as well. All of this causes the CRB price to hover around the US$0. 45 mark for quite some time now. It is evident not much will change in this regard until an update is provided.

Being involved in cryptocurrency and digital assets requires a lot of patience. Developers cannot rush updates just to keep a few community members happy. This is especially true where CreditbIt is concerned right now. Some big updates have yet to come to fruition. Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell when these changes may arrive exactly. For now, it is all about the waiting game.

An Uneasy Time for Creditbit Investors

At the same time, those investors who truly believe in Creditbit will have no issue whatsoever. They know it takes time to properly develop projects and features. Solid work can’t and shouldn’t be rushed under any circumstance. The CreditDAO and team identities will be unveiled when the time is right and not a moment sooner. Patience is a virtue, especially in this type of business.

This lull in the news and excitement has an impact on the CRB price as well. Right now, the price continues to hover around US$0.45, as it has done for quite some time now.  This is both good and bad. It will provide price stability in the long run, which is always welcome. Then again, it also causes investors to rethink their options if there is little to no room for future profits. Only time will tell what the future holds for Creditbit, that much is evident.

If the trading volume remains the same, there is no reason for concern. Right now, the trading volume is still around US$235,000, which is a respectable number.DABTC and Livecoin are clearly dominating the market for the time being. Bittrex is still well behind the rest, which remains a troublesome sight. The coming days and weeks will be quite crucial for CRB holders all over the world.


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