It looks as if things are slowly turning around in favor of Creditbit right now. After a difficult week, the currency is slowly recovering as we speak. More specifically, CRB has gained in value once again That is a rather positive trend, even though the token still loses value against both Bitcoin and Litecoin. These are all remarkable trends, to say the least.

On paper, it is impossible for a currency or token to gain value if it declines in value against other currencies. For example, CRB lost 9.1% in value against Bitcoin. Additionally, the token declines 3.33% against Ethereum. Despite these setbacks, the overall USD value of CRB increases by 6.78%.  That is a rather remarkable trend, although it can be mainly attributed to the USD increase of both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Creditbit Is Holding On as we Head Into the Weekend

That being said, one CRB is worth US$0.466 right now. That is still a rather low value, although one most investors are satisfied with right now. Everyone wants to see their investments double and triple in value overnight, but that is not always a possibility. Creditbit is not something people should buy for speculative purposes by any means. Instead, it is a powerful token which is destined to appreciate in value over time.

The trading volume is holding its own for CRB as well right now. With US$250,000 worth of Creditbit trading in the past 24 hours, things are looking quite good. DABTC and Livecoin continue to dominate the markets as we speak. It is somewhat surprising to see Bittrex still in third place with very little trading volume these days. One would expect the addition to Bittrex to push the overall volume quite a bit, but that trend subsided about a week ago.

For the time being, Creditbit holders have nothing to be concerned about just yet. While the value is a lot lower than most would like, most cryptocurrencies are still recovering from losses sustained over the past week and a half. It is evident we have come at a turning point for cryptocurrencies and tokens in general. Only time will tell what the future holds, but for Creditbit, stability is a positive trend right now.


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