It is evident the total cryptocurrency market is in a bad spot right now. With the overall market shrinking to below US$90bn, things are not looking great. Unfortunately, this trend also has a negative effect on the CRB price. Creditbit holders are, thankfully, patient when it comes to waiting for a new price increase. Now is a good time to pick up some CRB if you haven’t got some already.

A bearish cryptocurrency market is never fun to deal with. Seeing all currencies drop in value for no good reason causes a lot of confusion. This is especially true where Bitcoin is concerned. Ethereum is on the decline as well, although a correction was bound to happen. At this rate, Ether may very well drop below US$200 by the end of today.

Creditbit Tries to Hold its own

Any ERC20 token issued on top of the Ethereum blockchain is doing pretty badly as well. Creditbit is no exception in this regard, which is rather unfortunate. Then again, the value still sits well above US$0. 50, which is a more than respectable price. It is only a matter of time until Creditbit tops US$1 once again. No one knows for sure when this will happen, though.

One thing no one can deny is how Creditbit generates a lot of trading volume. The past 24 hours generated US$671,300 worth of volume, which is pretty impressive. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum users are exchanging their currencies to and from CRB as we speak. Finding that store of value is of the utmost importance right now. Creditbit is well worth considering in this regard.

Bittrex shows quite the appetite for CRB, as we have seen in recent weeks. However, DABTC is not too far behind. Livecoin is still in the six-digit club as well, which is nice to see. Interestingly enough, CRB/ETH is far more popular on Bittrex compared to CRB/BTC. Selling Bitcoin in exchange for other currencies right now is not the best idea. Only time will tell how these markets evolve, but for now, there is no reason to panic just yet.


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