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Creditbit Team Creates CreditGAME, a System Where Players Cannot Lose

by on May 1, 2017

The Creditbit developers have been working hard on some new and exciting features. One of those projects is CreditGAME, which is quite an intriguing concept. CreditGAME allows the team to allocate the CredbitBOND yields for tokens in a fun and engaging manner. In fact, it using the CreditGAME feature means users will never lose their coins. It is well worth checking out for everyone interested in CreditBit.

CreditGAME Is a Revolutionary System

The concept of CreditGAME is both simple, elegant, and quite lucrative at the same time. To be more specific, the project is designed to allocate CreditBOND yields for locked tokens back to the community. On this platform, users can play different games, including Minesweeper and Jenga. However, losing the game doesn’t result in losing the CRB tokens, which is quite an unusual twist.

One should look at CreditGAME as a completely different way of distribution. Players will need to use all of their skills and knowledge, as one would expect. However, all games can be entered anonymously, which is a nice twist. All it takes is sending over some CRB tokens to a game account. Afterward, the user can commence playing immediately.

Every period of distribution can feature multiple games. Moreover, every game “category” will have a fixed amount of new coins for distribution. These coins are generated through the proof-of-stake reward system. Every supported game will have different rewards, lockdown fees, and dynamics to keep things interesting and fresh.

As one would expect, CreditGAME focuses on peer-to-peer gaming. Players will compete against an opponent at a time at all times. Both players need to lock in an equal amount of tokens for a specific period before entering the game. The winner receives both yields for the locking period. However, ownership of the coins does not change, which means no one “loses”. The only “loss” is not increasing one’s holdings for not winning the game.

Interested parties who want to find out more information can join the Creditbit Slack.

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