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Creditbit Team Prepares to Reveal Their Identities

by on July 12, 2017

Even though the Creditbit team is still working on projects, there is very little news to talk about. We do know the team members will make their identities public very soon, according to the website. That is a rather interesting decision, as the team was not inclined to do so. It will be interesting to see if these revelations will affect the price, which is slowly inching upward once again.

Making the identities of team members public is quite a bold decision. Even though most projects have at least one public representative, that is not the case where Creditbit is concerned. So far, this has not caused any issues for the project, though. The development is still ongoing, and CRB has been listed on multiple exchanges so far.

Who are the Creditbit Developers?

That being said, it is understandable why these people want to keep their identities private. Many developers often get harassed when someone has a problem. Moreover, the internet is filled with trolls who will hunt down people just because they have nothing better to do. Making your identity public on the internet is a big risk these days, regardless of positive intentions.

Such a reveal can also have an impact on the CRB price. Since no one knows any of the team members, people may start to look for connections which aren’t even there. Any potential “dirt” people can dig up will be used, that much is evident. At the same time, revealing the identities can have a positive impact on the price as well. So far, Creditbit achieved a US$6.4bn market cap without the team going public.

Speaking of the price, one CRB is now valued at US$0.53. That is not much higher compared to a few days ago, but the markets have suffered from a lot of bearish momentum. Even today, these brief recoveries may be wiped out at any given moment. Now is still a good time to scoop up cheap CRB, though. After the reveal, prices may easily rocket back to US$1 and higher. Only time will tell what the future holds.

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