As was to be expected, things are finally improving for Creditbit holders. Earlier this week, the trading volume was sitting around US$325,000. Today, that amount has almost doubled, to US$649,000. Moreover, the price per CRB token has increased a lot as well, to US$0.77. Anyone holding CRB will be quite pleased with the way things are going right now.

CRB Value Increases Amid Growing Trading Volume

Anyone with a functioning brain could see Creditbit was waiting to explode. Things are slowly evolving in the right direction right now. One CRB is worth US$0.77, up from US$0.64 just two days ago. That is quite a spectacular increase for a token most people tend to ignore. Although it has taken some time before the price rose, it looks like things are on the right track right now. The Creditbit market cap is inching closer to US$10m as well, which is good to see.

Interestingly enough, the CRB trading volume is picking up as well. It is unfortunate to see no new exchanges have enabled CRB trading, though. One would expect this to happen by now, yet that is not the case by any means. Right now, the 24-hour CRB trading volume sits at around US$649,000. Compared to earlier in the week, that is twice the volume. Things are definitely picking up for Credibit, that much is evident.

The majority of trading volume originates from the Livecoin exchange. A lot of people are actively trading CRB against Ether right now. This does not mean people lose confidence in Ethereum, but they want to increase their portfolio’s value at all times. Right now, Credibit gives them that opportunity, without having to convert to Bitcoin first. The CRB/BTC trading pair generates half of the CRB/ETH volume as of right now. ¬†DABTC is still in third place with their CRB/CNY trading market.

All of this goes to show there is a growing demand for what Creditbit has to offer. The project has a ton of projects which add more value to the ecosystem. The value of the CRB token has been suppressed for quite some time now. It looks like this bearish trend is finally coming to an end. It is still too early to tell for sure, though.


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