The Stratis blockchain project has been getting a lot of attention as of late. After successfully completing a 915 Bitcoin ICO, the company started issuing shares to investors. The team can now start building the future of their blockchain development platform. Establishing a presence in the corporate sector will be of the utmost importance.

Customizable Private Blockchains Through Stratis

Every token issued to shareholders will be used as a means of payment for the Stratis blockchain-as-a-service offering. Various companies around the world have an interest in exploring distributed ledgers. Finding the right point of entry, however, can be a barrier to entry.

Stratis wants to remove that barrier, as they will offer the blockchain-as-a-service. This gives enterprises every chance to customize their blockchain as they see fit. Not every solution will work the same for different business models, and customization is an important factor. The UK-based startup feels their solution will be of great interest to retailers and governments.

Stratis CEO Chris Trew told the media:

“We’ve had great support from our investors who appreciate that the tools we are building will meet some very fundamental business needs. There is a clear market developing for low-cost, ready-made blockchain solutions and Stratis platform is specifically designed to deliver on that.”

Customizable private blockchains will be secured on the Stratis “parent” blockchain. This will also allow for the STRAT token to be transferred between the main and custom blockchain without friction. For businesses, they can discover all of the possibilities this innovative technology has to offer without investing heavily in infrastructure.

STRAT Tokens And The Two-Way Peg

Keeping in mind how STRAT tokens can transfer between parent and side chains, the retail sector may show a big interest in this concept. It is certainly possible to use a private blockchain for customer loyalty rewards and discounts. Moreover, the Stratis team will offer consultancy to help users take full advantage of this platform.

It is also important to note companies would not “limit” themselves to only using the Stratis blockchain service. The company’s business model allow for running in parallel with Bitcoin, or Ethereum blockchains. In the end, it all comes down to getting more people to discover the utility of the blockchain.

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