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Decentral Shows Why A Blockchain Wallet Is The Future

by on June 17, 2016

Wallet solutions are of great importance to consumers all over the world, particularly in this age of mobile payments. A blockchain wallet is well ahead of the competition regarding convenience and global availability. Jaxx is one of the industry leaders, as parent company Decentral announced their integration with Shapeshift.

Convenience is a term often used when it comes to wallet solutions. But in the cryptocurrency world, developers have taken things one step further. Not only can Jaxx users store Bitcoin, Ethereum, and DAO tokens in their wallet, but they can also exchange them. That is made possible thanks to the integration of Shapeshift.io, an exchange API requiring no registration.

An Omnipotent Blockchain Wallet

Keeping in mind how the Jaxx wallet runs on the blockchain, there is no central party to control user funds. All of the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and DAO tokens are entirely controlled by the user at any given time. Moreover, the blockchain wallet solution is available on mobile and computer, as well as browser plugins. It is the first time such a complete and cross-platform mobile wallet comes to fruition.

Decentral CEO Anthony Di Iorio told the media:

“You were able to buy and sell cryptocurrency, and also sync the blockchain experience across all your devices. Now the users of Jaxx will be able to convert between bitcoin, DAO (distributed autonomous organization), ether, all in one place.”

Some people may be wondering why Decentral does not call Jaxx a Bitcoin wallet. There are multiple reasons for that. First of all, Jaxx runs on the blockchain, which is a bit of a buzzword right now. Secondly, the blockchain wallet supports currencies other than Bitcoin as well. Enthusiasts can use it as a Bitcoin wallet, but that is only part of its set of utilities.

Giving users the option to exchange between all supported currencies is a significant move by Decentral. They are the first blockchain wallet to do so and have seen several hundred thousand dollars of trading already. Future updates will be coming to the wallet, including Ethereum smart contracts and DAO voting.

Header image courtesy of Decentral

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  • Jon Boroughs
    June 17, 2016 at 12:31 pm

    I like the wallet. They do need to work on the ETH internal transaction thing. I tried using the wallet for a smart contract for ETH mining rewards distribution and the internal TXs don’t go through on their own and have to be manually pushed with a small amount of ETH to get them to show up in the wallet


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