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Ethereum Competitor DeOS Offers Blockchain Solutions For Everyone

by on August 12, 2016

The cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem is a perfect breeding ground for fierce competition among innovators. Razormind, a UK company with expertise in the blockchain, big data, AI, and deep learning, announced the DeOS platform. This new solution will be available to the public come October, and intends to compete with Ethereum.

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DeOS Is A Solution For Everyone

Serving as the first global public record of identity and ownership, DeOS can become a very powerful solution. The platform offers decentralized storage and a custom operating system powered by blockchain technology. Privacy is of the utmost importance in this blockchain-based ecosystem. Moreover, the native currency of this project is none other than Bitcoin.

The team behind DeOS is quite ambitious, as they feel this solution can serve both business and individual users. Among the services offered is private banking, issuing a secure global identity, smart contracts, and much more. Furthermore, there is also a blockchain-as-a-service platform to create and deploy decentralized apps. Privacy is ensured through end-to-end encryption.

Individual users will appreciate how they can control their personal data. DeOS was designed to establish a safe and secure environment for communication and work. Data can only be accessed by those who have permission to do so. More importantly, the end user retains full control over their information at all times. At launch, this platform will support PC, Mac, and smartphone devices.

But the bread and butter of this concept is the blockchain itself. In fact, blockchain technology should be seen as the CPU powering the whole experience. To extend the blockchain, smart contract functionality is available. Every DeOS smart contract can be written in mainstream coding languages, rather than creating a new proprietary codebase.

Launch is Scheduled For October 2016

Right now, the DeOS platform is still under development. The network is scheduled to launch on October 10, and the commercial codebase will be open-sourced. The DeOS Foundation, a Swiss non-profit, will take full responsibility for establishing platform standards. This project has the potential to introduce blockchain into the everyday lives of consumers and business around the world.

It is evident for everyone to see DeOS is planning to compete with Ethereum. Using blockchain technology with smart contracts is a great opportunity to explore. This project will have a leg up over Ethereum, though, as developers can use mainstream coding languages. Interested parties can explore a project demo by clicking this link.

Header image courtesy of Razormind

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  • CryptoDevil
    August 12, 2016 at 1:50 pm

    Jawad Yaqub claimed in January of 2015, over a year and a half ago, that there were 27,000 active users of this mysterious DeOS platform yet nobody has heard a peep or read a single post from any of them. At the 28:30 mark you can hear him explicitly claim this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mExxf9sPU0E

    Jawad Yaqub and Razormind have made a number of fraudulent claims in the run up to, and during, this ‘crowdsale’ investment period for these ‘tokens’ they are selling. There is no evidence to support their claims as to the substance, scope or even legitimacy of their operation. What there is, instead, is evidence that Jawad has been shilling this DeOS concept for some time without there being much in the way of anything to show for it other than proven lies and is using the crisis with Ethereum to try and con people into investing into this as though it were a viable competitor.


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