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Ethereum Devcon2 Conference Welcomes Santander As Gold Sponsor

by on August 26, 2016

The upcoming Ethereum Devcon2 conference is a great event for engineers and developers. With plenty of tech talk to attend and interesting chats around the corner, it is a prominent Ethereum event. The organisers also welcomed a new gold sponsor in the form of Santander. This is another nod of approval from the financial world towards what Ethereum is doing.

Devcon2 Lands Another Major Sponsor

Santander is trying to stay on top of a lot of things right now. They are backing a new private-ledger based settlement coin, together with three other leading banks. This solution builds on the Ethereum blockchain as well, albeit it will be a permissioned version.Its primary functionality is a way to turn fiat currency into digital funds through tokens.

On the other hand, Santander is also sponsoring the upcoming Devcon2 conference. To most people, this event is one of the biggest blockchain conferences all year. So far, the agenda for this event is looking stacked, and many interesting topics will be touched upon. Perhaps the “main attraction” will the the demo of the announced Raiden network.

Other Ethereum-related topics will receive a spotlight as well. One presentation will talk about sharding for unlimited scalability. Ethereum could also use more privacy, and Zcash may be the answer to this problem. More updates on the MetaMask project and the Web3.0 are on the agenda as well.

Santander joins Microsoft as one of the main sponsors for Devcon2. Keeping in mind how both companies have everything to gain from a successful Ethereum project, this is not entirely surprising. At the same, it is good to see “main” players in their respective sectors respond positively to cryptocurrency and blockchain events.

Tickets for Devcon2 are almost sold out, Fintechist understands.The current ticket price of US$1,200 per person for this three-day event may seem a bit steep for some people. But anyone who is passionate about Ethereum should try to attend, or watch the live stream when it becomes available.

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