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Finalized Creditbit White Paper Has Been Released

by on May 16, 2017

It has been coming for some time now, but the wait is finally over. The final version of the Creditbit white paper is now available. As most people may recall, Charlie Shrem provided feedback on this document. The paper also explains what Creditbit is all about and how Credit 2.0 shakes up things. It also highlights the Ethereum migration and what else is in store for the community.

Updated Creditbit White Paper is Finally Here

A lot of community members have been looking forward to seeing the finalized version of the Creditbit white paper. It took quite some time for this document to be made available, although it is not something that should be created in a few hours either. The team even received feedback from Charlie Shrem regarding the white paper. Having such a prominent person weigh in on this critical document is a major boon for Creditbit as a whole.

As one would come to expect, the document contains a lot of information. The successful migration to Ethereum has been a topic of substantial discussion. Moving from a regular blockchain to being an Ethereum-based token is quite a significant move. However, it also allows the Creditbit developers to implement new features. Smart contracts, a DAO, and so much more is being developed as we speak. Moreover, it also allows CRB transactions to be signed by using a hardware wallet supporting Ethereum.

The Creditbit development roadmap can be found in the white paper as well. There is a lot more to come, including mobile wallets and the first Dapp. It is good to see everything outlined neatly in the Creditbit white paper. It also highlights the different team who make up the Creditbit development team. A lot of people are working on new features and maintaining the ecosystem.

All of this goes to show Creditbit is here to stay for quite some time to come. Even though the CRB price has dipped a bit, it allows new investors to enter the market at a lower price.  In fact, the price is showing signs of an imminent rebound. The trading volume on DABTC and Livecoin is also picking up as we speak. Interesting things are happening for Creditbit and its community, that much is evident.

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