Goldman Sachs is a major player in the financial sector. The company acknowledges cyber attacks continue to pose many different problems. As such, the firm is rolling out a suite of cyber war games. These training programs will address digital countermeasures and attack psychology, among other things.

There is a growing need for better cybersecurity solutions. This is especially true in the financial sector. Providing digital countermeasures remains a very big challenge for most banks and their partners. Goldman Sachs wants to address this problem sooner rather than later. Their new browser-based system will hopefully make a positive impact.

A Positive Move by Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs’ new platform is designed to help cybersecurity teams. More specifically, they will be able to compete against one another in so-called cyber war games.  This is done to help develop new skills, especially where malware analysis is concerned. Ethical hacking also plays an integral role in this regard.

Goldman Sachs Chief Information Security officer Andy Ozment comments:

“There is a critical shortage of cyber professionals across the globe which makes it difficult for organisations to find talented individuals and puts added pressures on existing cyber professionals to keep their skills sharp. Immersive Labs provides an innovative solution for training and identifying new cyber professionals and honing the skills of existing ones.”

Tools like these will help to counter the growing number of cyberattacks. Criminals have come up with many ways to target the financial sector. Most of those efforts are surprisingly successful, which is absolutely unacceptable. Gamifying the war on cyberattacks may prove to be the right course of action in the end.

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