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Indian Law Enforcement Is Developing New Darknet Tools

by on July 23, 2016

A recent report showed the world how the usage of darknet marketplaces is increasing in India. This surprised a fair few people, as India has been well behind the latest evolution of digital currency. But that doesn’t mean the market shows any interest in these concepts either. Unfortunately, this frowned upon activity has attracted the attention of law enforcement.

At last two separate syndicates are being investigated by Indian law enforcement right now. Both of these “cartels” are suspected of using the darknet to sell illegal goods. It is the first time such an investigation takes place with the borders of India, and it more events like these will transpire in the future.

NCB Sets Its Sight On Darknet Groups

The Narcotics Control Bureau, which is India’s anti-narcotics agency, noticed increased darknet activity in India not too long ago. One could compare the NCB with the DEA in the US, as they are an official law enforcement agency. The bread and butter of their investigations is sniffing out illegal drug trafficking, and the darknet lends itself perfectly to that type of activity.

Right now, the NCB has been keeping tabs on two particular drug cartels in the country. According to sources, several member identities have been revealed, and some operatives may have been probed. However, that doesn’t mean the NCB can take down these darknet collectives with relative ease either.

The NCB is working together with other Indian law enforcement agencies to bring these people to justice. Particularly opium and heroin are the prime substances sold on the darknet in India. A new era of drug trafficking is upon us, and these underground online marketplaces are the places to be right now.

Interestingly enough, the NCB has mentioned they are developing new “techniques” to detect illegal transactions. Moreover, the current tools are being updated to deal with new and innovative forms of payment. It looks as if India is setting up its very own Bitcoin and blockchain taskforce.

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