Not everyone in the cryptocurrency world is a big fan of Ripple’s XRP. That is not entirely surprising, even though the digital asset shouldn’t be ignored. Slowly but surely, we see more exchanges enable support for this asset. India’s ZebPay cryptocurrency exchange is the latest company to do so. It is quite an intriguing development that brings more positive attention to Ripple’s currency.

ZebPay is by far one of India’s biggest exchanges. They generate a lot of volume and see a fair amount of new users every month. As such, they also need to cater to the needs of their users accordingly. In recent weeks, the company added a few new currencies to their trading platform. Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin support have been rather positive developments for the company. Adding XRP to this list will bring even more speculators and traders to ZebPay.

XRP Gets Listed on the ZebPay Exchange

The choice for Ripple’s asset comes at an interesting time. Throughout 2017, we saw the value of this asset surge well beyond expectations. It even hit a price of over $3 at one point. With the recent market crash affecting all currencies, the XRP price is a lot lower now. It is possible things will return to the previous all-time high in the near future, though. With this digital asset now trading on a major Indian exchange, the future looks rather bright. There is also a massive demand for XRP, which makes the choice by the Indian company rather logical.

It will be interesting to see how this addition plays out. For ZebPay, it will probably result in higher trading volumes and more new users. Even though XRP price speculation is not as popular as Bitcoin’s, most people see the merit of this digital asset. It is unclear if that will lead to an imminent XRP price increase, though. More demand requires more liquidity, which can affect the price either way. India is a big region when it comes to cryptocurrency and digital assets, after all.

With so many banks focusing on Ripple now, things will undoubtedly get rather interesting this year. There seems to a demand for new financial solutions. Especially when it comes to faster and cheaper transactions, a lot of progress can be made in the coming years. Whether Ripple will facilitate those changes, remains to be determined.

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