Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges are always worth keeping an eye on. Zaif, one of the country’s largest exchange platforms, has integrated Counterparty asset trading. This is a significant step in the right direction for the Counterparty project as a whole. For now, three different assets have been listed for trading against the JPY and Bitcoin.

Zaif Continues To Grow Its Offerings

It is good to see the Zaif exchange making headlines once again. Cryptocurrency is booming in Japan as of late, and having more assets to trade against is always a positive trend. As of yesterday, the exchange added three new Counterparty assets in the form of XCP, BitCrystals, and SJCX.

Keeping in mind how all of these assets can be traded against both Bitcoin and the Japanese Yen, this could be big news for the supported pairs. Having a fiat currency gateway is pertinent for every cryptocurrency project, and not too many exchanges are dealing with JPY trading. Moreover, Zaif processes roughly 5,000 Bitcoin in daily trading volume as well.

But there is more to this announcement; as Zaif has been working on Counterparty-based tools. Just last week, the company revealed Zaif Vote, which acts as a voting tool Users can send Bitcoin and Counterparty tokens to cast their votes. All of the results are updated in real-time, making it quite an intriguing addition to this exchange platform.

Counterparty is a very versatile ecosystem that allows anyone in the world to issue their own tokens. Mainly Japanese cryptocurrency enthusiasts seem to be taking a liking to this concept. Then again, tokens have always been popular in Japan, so this is not a complete surprise either.

All in all, this is very good news for the Counterparty project itself. BitCrystals, the Spells of Genesis currency, can do very well in Japan moving forward. SJCX, the native currency of Storj, can gain more mainstream adoption thanks to Zaif. Japan is one region to keep an eye on in the coming year where cryptocurrency is concerned.

Header image courtesy of Zaif

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