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Kentucky Fried Chicken Enables All Major Mobile Payment Options

by on June 4, 2016

Mobile wallets are only as useful as the number of times consumers can use them at their favorite locations. Kentucky Fried Chicken announced support for Apple Pay, as well as Android Pay and Samsung Pay earlier this year. The wait is finally over, as the chain supports all three options in select restaurants.

Albeit there is an argument to be made of how fast food chains accepting mobile payments is not such a big deal, Kentucky Fried Chicken sees the bigger picture. Rather than just supporting one of the major mobile solutions, the chain enabled payments for Apple, Samsung, and Android users all at the same time.

The Kentucky Fried Chicken Mobile Triple Play

Earlier in 2016, Kentucky Fried Chicken announced their plans to start accepting mobile payments later this year. Although the company only referred to Apple Pay at that time, it turns out they have done something very few other retailers are willing to do. By supporting Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay at the same time, the company is catering towards all mobile users.

One of the drawbacks of mobile payments has been how retailers do not automatically support every solution after upgrading a payment terminal. With multiple players competing in this space, it becomes difficult to keep track of everything. But the efforts by Kentucky Fried Chicken go to show it can be done without leaving users in the cold.

Although there are no specific details regarding how the company enabled support for all three major options at once, they seem to have created a new system. It is commendable to see bigger chains go out of their way and listen to what their customers want. Apparently, there was a great demand for all three options.

“Kentucky Fried Chicken® announced today the adoption of mobile pay in U.S. restaurants, allowing customers to pay in seconds for their real meal hand-prepared in every KFC® restaurant. The new system is compatible with Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay and is available in some restaurants beginning now, with system-wide adoption completed by the end of the summer.”

By the look of things, the mobile payments competition is heating up in the United States. McDonald’s, Macy’s, and other chains have started to accept NFC payments in recent months. Now that Kentucky Fried Chicken is on the same list, the modernization of financial transactions is becoming an integral part of consumer lives.

Header image courtesy of KFC

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