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Leading Israeli Tech Lawyer Einat Meisel Joins O’Melveny Silicon Valley Office

by on September 14, 2016

Over the past few years, there has been a strong focus on the number of women in the tech industry. While it is true this is a male-dominated world, there are a lot of talented women excited about technology as well. O’Melveny, one of the many Silicon Valley-based tech companies, attracted Einat Meisel, a leading transactional lawyer in life sciences and Israeli-related tech.

The name O’Melveny might ring a bell for some people. The company has been helping their customers innovate and improve, as well as shape markets and break boundaries. With nearly 700 lawyers in 15 offices around the world, this team has startups and entrepreneurs covered for legal needs.

As technology continues to evolve, the legal matters become even more important. A lot of innovative ideas are running into contested legal waters at some point. Existing legislation and regulation can make life difficult for entrepreneurs. But with a legal team specialized in technology at one’s disposal, those problems can be solved quickly.

O’Melveny Strengthens Its Position

For Israeli tech startups, the addition of Einat Meisel to O’Melveny is great news. A lot of innovative concepts come forth from Israel, as it is a thriving technology hub. O’Melveny already had an Israel Practice, which will now be expanded to other investors doing business inside and outside of Israel.

Einat Meisel explained the next step in her career as follows:

“O’Melveny’s global network will allow me to grow my practice and focus on helping US companies increase their cross-border business in Israel, China, and other markets around the world, while also advising Israeli companies in a variety of US transactions. I’m excited to return to the Silicon Valley and advise both emerging growth and established companies as they capitalize on the rapidly growing opportunity for cross-border transactions in these markets.”

For those who are unfamiliar with Einat Meisel, she has advised companies on mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, she is also involved in joint strategies, divestitures, and strategic alliances. Especially this latter part will be a critical factor for any companies moving forward. Collaboration is becoming more important than ever, particularly in the fintech sector.

Any company going through a growth phase may want to keep an eye on O’Melveny. With Israeli startups attracting over US$4.4bn from investors in 2015, there is a growing interest in what they offer. Additionally, China and Israel are engaged in a free-trade agreement, which will bolster the startup ecosystem even further.

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