Over the past few months, the Lisk project has been making some wave sin the cryptocurrency world. Various exchanges around the world have added LSK to their trading markets. Moreover, the interest in this open-source blockchain application platform continues to increase. The team’s modular approach to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology seems to be paying off.

Lisk is more than just another cryptocurrency, though. First and foremost, the project is a highly scalable public blockchain. Such a platform needs applications, which can be developed without learning complex coding languages of individual projects. By using JavaScript, there is only one major programming language to learn. It also helps JavaScript is one of the most popular languages among developers worldwide.

Lisk Continues To Grow

So far, the team has completed their crowdsale, resulting in a US$5.75m round. However, as the Bitcoin price increased since that time, they are now sitting at a US$9.1m “valuation”. This also goes to show why it is important to hold on to Bitcoin funds after a crowdsale, instead of converting it to fiat currency right away.

Lisk CEO Max Kordek told the media:

“We recognize at Lisk that blockchain applications are automatically global. Therefore, we made the rapid globalization of our developer community and exchanges an immediate priority.  We are pleased that the Lisk message of scalable blockchain applications using sidechains and the ability to port over existing programs written in JavaScript has been so well received.”

But Lisk is making progress in other areas too. After getting listed on the main cryptocurrency exchanges Bittrex and Poloniex, LSK found its way to platforms all over the world. In total, there are 18 different exchanges to choose from. Interestingly enough, Chinese, Russian, and Japanese exchanges seem to have taken a liking to Lisk.

Looking at the grander scheme of things, LSK remains one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world right now. Some exchanges have opened up alternative trading markets for Lisk. Poloniex, for instance, lets users trade LSK against ETH and USDT.

Things are looking up for this cryptocurrency’s ecosystem so far. Developers are taking a liking to this modular blockchain approach. Through the increased interest from exchanges to list the LSK trading pair, more attention can be brought to this project. It will be interesting to see what comes next.

Header image courtesy of Lisk

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